The Future is plant-based.

Did you know that the UK is Europe’s largest market for plant-based foods, with 1 in 4 people actively cutting back on some form of animal products in 2021, many citing either health or environmental reasons? The plant-based sector is one of the fastest-growing food categories, estimated to reach $80 billion of sales worldwide by 2024.

Which is why we’re thrilled to be making our debut at the Plant-Based World Conference and Expo in London on the 14th-15th October. Plant-Based World Europe’s mission is simple: to get the latest plant-based products in front of the decision-makers, educating them on how these foods will improve the wealth of their businesses and the health of the people they serve.

It comes as no surprise that people across the globe are increasingly adopting a plant-based lifestyle as they become more aware of their health, not to mention environmental and ethical implications. Consumers want it, and more restaurants and supermarkets are getting on board.

It’s time to seafood differently
Seabloom will be taking part in the world’s most progressive trade show event – it’s the only 100% plant-based show where retailers, food services, distributors, manufacturers, hospitality and investors can network.

This unique event will combine an international exhibition of the biggest and best products in the market and an elite conference. There will be tasting opportunities and the chance to connect with others in this genuinely collaborative and innovative industry.

We’ll be immersing ourselves for two days, sharing experiences and doing some high-level networking.

Seabloom will also showcase our first healthy, ocean-friendly alternative to seafood: seriously tasty and nutritious plant-based canned ‘tuna free’ flakes. All our seafood products will help protect our oceans by reducing the impact of fishing. We donate 1% of our turnover to Sea Shepherd so that our consumers can help drive enforcement and conservation of our fragile oceans and all the incredible beings that inhabit them.
“Seabloom is helping to pave the way for a thriving ocean with their delicious plant based tuna” – Sea Shepherd

Why is it so important to us?
Plant-based diets come in lots of shapes and sizes, from vegan and flexitarian to burger lovers. These different types of diets have been shown to lower the risk of heart disease, reduce blood pressure and diabetes and increase energy. Plant-based diets are also more sustainable, and reducing meat intake is proving to be vital in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss.

Firstly, it’s becoming more obvious that practices such as industrialised fishing, dredging and trawling are unsustainable, while ‘ghost gear’ (fishing equipment which is lost in the sea) is the most deadly form of plastic pollution to marine species. This is pushing entire ecosystems, relied on by the 3 billion people who are dependent on fish and seafood for their main source of protein, to the point of collapse.
Going plant-based is the most significant contribution an individual can make to reversing climate change.

Secondly, we also want to support people who choose to eat more mindfully and consciously consume less meat and dairy. We can provide an environmentally healthy alternative that uses all-natural ingredients, is high in essential minerals and rich in nutrients. It’s super convenient, versatile and delicious.

And it’s backed by scientific research. In 2019, leading scientific researchers published a report in The Lancet that looked at the links between the environment, our diets and health. They found that simple switches and choices we make each day can have a radically positive effect. They concluded after reviewing the evidence that the more we embrace sustainable plant-based foods, the better our health and the planet’s health. We couldn’t agree more.