Seabloom supports Fish Free February 2021.

Join us in taking the Fish Free February Pledge so we can work together to reduce world-wide consumption of seafood and understand the impact a seafood diet has on our oceans and sealife.

The biggest threat to ocean life is from fisheries. A staggering 90% of the world’s marine stocks are fully exploited, overexploited or depleted. We know that if we don’t act now and make changes to our diet and lifestyle choices, overfishing and damaging fishing practices will destroy our precious ocean ecosystems.

The awesome team at Fish Free February are aiming to inspire people around the world to reduce their seafood consumption and raise awareness around the immense global threat that it poses to our seas and oceans.

There are so many plant-based alternatives to seafood (like our soon-to-be-launched yummy vegan ‘tuna free’ flakes) which makes this pledge all the easier.

Are you ready to remove all seafood from your plate this month and go #fishfreefebruary?

To join us at Seabloom and get involved! Visit the Fish Free February ‘take action’ page and make your pledge.