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Seafood Differently.

100% Plant-based Seafood.
Nutritious, delicious and sustainable.
Grab yours here.
It’ll change your life. Well, your lunch at least...
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Seabloom 'Tuna-Free' Flakes

‘Tuna- Free’ Flakes are made from wild Scottish seaweed, making them as full of flavour that’s as deep as the oceans we mean to protect.

Slam it in a sandwich or throw some on a potato. Go on, they won’t mind. They’re great in a pasta bake too and just watch them shake up a salad.

Delish-losh. That’s a word, right?

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Seabloom Naked 'Tuna-free' Flakes plant-based tuna alternative pack
Nutritious burger, ocean-inspired taste

Seabloom 'Fish-Free' Seaburgers

Our vegan ‘Fish-Free’ Seaburgers are a bold new thing we just invented. Yes, we know new things can be scary. But this isn’t. Pinky promise.

Slam this baby in a bun or treat it like a fishcake, it's delicious and versatile. What’s more, our burgers are packed with protein and contain a natural source of zinc, iodine, Omega 3’s and minerals. Healthy. Tasty. Good for the oceans.

A lot of pressure for one patty, but trust us, it can handle it.

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Seabloom 'Fish-free' Seaburger plant-based tuna alternative pack

We're out in the world.

These nice people have tried Seabloom, and said nice stuff about us...

Men's Health Magazine logo testimonial about Seabloom

"Gives that authentic seafood feel and taste..."

Men's Health Magazine logo testimonial about Seabloom

"The nutritional credentials are impressive..."

Men's Health Magazine logo testimonial about Seabloom

"Seabloom are paving the way for a thriving ocean..."

Men's Health Magazine logo testimonial about Seabloom

"This vegan tuna is off the hook..."

Delicious picture of plant-based 'Fish-free' Seaburger with slasa and wild flower courgette salad on poppy sedded brioche bun
high in health benefits

Super food...

We’re happy to spill the beans on exactly what’s in our delicious plant based seafood. Actually it’s peas. And other magical stuff.  

There are zero nasties in our products.
NO Soya.
NO Gluten.
NO Preservatives.
NO Problem.

Great for your tummy, tastebuds and Teddy.
He’s our favourite fish.

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high in health benefits

Super natural...

help protect our planet & oceans

Super good...

Seabloom products have the power to save your life and the oceans. Well, almost. Plus we taste great.

We care deeply about the biodiversity of our delicately balanced marine ecosystems. That’s why we’ve committed to donating one percent of our profits to Sea Shepherd to help them protect our oceans.

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Sea Shepherd crew supportedc by profits from Seabloom food sales

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